Rental Property Insurance

Get the dwelling insurance coverage that you need at a price that fit your budget.

If you have Massachusetts Homeowners insurance policy, you may be inclined to think your home is completely covered in the case of a fire. If you’re living in your own home – it will.

But, if you’re renting out a house, think again.

Rental Property Insurance coverage can protect your rental property from fire damage and yourself from legal and personal liability.

  • Rental Property policies cover houses and structures that are not occupied by the owner
  • A homeowners insurance policy will NOT cover damages to a home that the policyholder is not living in
  • Rental Property insurance covers all fixed structures such as the home itself, the foundation, cabinets, walls, countertops, etc.
  • Most Rental Property policies DO NOT cover personal property because the policyholder is not an occupant of the home
  • Rental Property policies can be written for other structures on the property also such as sheds, unattached garages, barns, pagodas, greenhouses
  • If a fire leaves your home unable to rent, a Rental Property policy will cover up to a year’s rent for the vacancy

At Friendly Insurance, we make quick and easy choosing Rental Property Insurance. We will analyze your needs and explain your options in a clear, understandable way while saving you time and money in the process.